Equal Parenting Party Donations

Thank you for considering providing financial support to the Equal Parenting Party of Ontario. You can contribute by becoming several ways.

You can become a party member and/or donate additional funds to our cause. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY RESIDENTS OF ONTARIO MAY CONTRIBUTE TO THE EQUAL PARENTING PARTY OF ONTARIO.

Please complete the form below.

Ontario Tax Credit is 75% for amounts up to $399.00 and 50% of amounts between $399.00 & $1330.00 and is 33.3% of amounts between $1330.00 & $3026.00
Maximum allowable contribution to the party: is $9,975.00 Maximum allowable credit: $1,330.00
Note: Elections Ontario does not allow us to assume membership. We cannot deduct funds given as a donation to cover membership costs; you must indicate a membership renewal in the Membership section above.
PART TWO: do you wish to make a donation?

Please use the submit button to be directed to the secure donation zone.

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