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If you have a farm and need to be better connected with potential customers, this is the place to be.  A consistent presence on the internet using the popular Community WebLine platform will help search engines discover your fresh local food operation. Now, instead of being in a scramble when your farm-fresh food products become available, you will be able to build your urban customer base throughout the year. 

Here is what is included in this offer:

  • Up to 5 pages of content for your site
  • A contact form that will keep a log of e-mail contacts.  This valuable customer record will allow you to stay in touch with customers.  You will be able to easily let them know when you have products to sell.  No more scrambling!
  • You may post an unlimited number of online promotions throughout the year to let people know what is available.  These promotions are published on your site as well as several other areas of the Community WebLine (CWL) site. CWL receives thousands of visitors.  It is located on the Bridgelin internet platform that contains over 1.2 million listings throughout sourthern Ontario!
  • You will be provided log in information which will allow you edit your content any time you wish.  as long as you have an internet connection and can type some text, you will be be able to learn how to do this within five minutes of instruction.
  • The Farmgate Fresh label is also promoted in the Rural Business Network magazine.  This drives more traffic to your CWL website, particularly in the summer season when tourists are active on the farm scene.

All of the above is available to farmers for the low cost of $60 per year!

All you have to do is fill out the attached form, and we will build a site.  We will then send you an invoice for $60.00, and instructions on how to make the most of yor Farmfresh website.

This product is provided to you by the Rural Business Network.






Please compete the attached form to get your community website started. We will then be in touch with you to complete the website details and to empower you to make edits. We will then invoice for an annual fee of $60.00

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