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This site displays your content in a mobile friendly way. Easier to see, and search engine friendly as well!

As of April 21, 2015. Google changed its search engine algorithm to recognize the growing trend to search online if you use a device. This means if your website is out of date and not mobile friendly, it is going to be harder to find you on the worldwide web.

Without a mobile friendly site, regardless of where you live, you cannot expect online success unless your website has been modernized.

This can be a big problem. Becoming invisible on the internet is like having a sales brochure sitting in a desk drawer. It's of no use to anyone! . That hurts because you have already spent good money on your existing site. Is there a way for you to protect or upgrade your search engine rankings immediately without a great expenditure of time and money?

Rural Business Network has developed a solution with its "mobile website upgrader product"

that will take your existing site and place a "mobile friendly umbrella" over it. Your site can then continue to be found. The cost is a little over a $1 a day to protect and enhance your search engine rankings. Then when you are ready, RBN will fully revamp your existing site to become a fully mobile and search engine friendly website. Contact RBN by e-mail at [email protected] for full details..

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