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Community Gift Cards introduced in Central Huron


Something new, flexible and innovative has been introduced in Central Huron to make gift giving easier. A Central Huron Gift Card can be purchased online
to make purchases for a large selection of Central Huron Businesses. In addition to purchasing a gift card online, you may also send your gift card present by email if you wish.

You may present your gift card to any of the particpating businesses listed below and apply the value against your regular purchase.  It's a great way to to spread around local cheer and support local businesses. 

Blyth Outdoor Market

Blyth Outdoor Market

Summer 2020 kicks off in Blyth, Ontario with an Outdoor Market along the main throughfare.  The market is open on Thursday's in July and August, from 10 am to 2 pm.

In the attached pictures taken from the newly opened wild Goose Studio, across from the Blyth Festival Theatre, Hans Veenvliet is serving his specialities, Dutch coffee and a Dutch donut treat called "Oliebollen."

For an afternoon outing, come to Blyth and visit the many vendors in front of their storefronts.

Healthy Donation for Huron County Foodbanks during COVID-19 shutdown

donation to foodbank

Thank You to the Retired Teachers of Huron Perth District 9 for their recent donation of $2,250.00 to the Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre.  Funds donated will be used to purchase nutritious foods for our food-aid agency clients in Huron and Perth Counties. 

Pictured (at an appropriate social distance) are Gary Jewitt, President RTOERO-Huron Perth and HCFBDC Volunteer, Sharon McNeilly.

Moving forward during the COVID-19 lockdown...


The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well in Huron County. The COVID-19 economic pause has given some local business people an opportunity to think about new ways delivering needed services, and are then jumping right in to get the job done.  All Trade Residential Inc. of Clinton, Ontario, has adapted their trades experience to continue delivering their personalized services - even when we need to self-isolate! Here is what the company has to say about that.


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