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You can become part of your community network free of charge. Community WebLine offers a free basic listing that will put your enterprise "on the map" in its associated category.

When online searchers come into this website, they find the category of goods or services you offer, and your company's name, contact information and "place on the map" is displayed. This makes it easy to find your business in the local community.

We provide you another way to be networked into the community. By becoming a Community WebLine subscriber, you will receive our periodic online newsletter that will keep you informed about local events, articles of interest, and local business developments. Community WebLine supports the buy local movement by encouraging your neighbours to have a look at local suppliers first.

Our newsletter content will also contain promotions and information provided by local businesses.

At any time you can upgrade your basic listing
While a basic listing is a great start for online promotion, there is more available to you. Your basic listing can be converted into a sponsored listing for an economical monthly fee that will turn your listing into a community website power house that will drive sales traffic to your present business website, if you have one. Don't already have a website? No problem. We can do all you need right here on Community WebLine!.

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