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Welcome to the Community WebLine Buy and Sell site. Here we connect individual buyers and sellers in your surrounding community, and also give you the option to check out local business specials that may also be of interest. More options mean even more opportunities to shop local and support the local economy!

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If you are a local business, don't despair.  We also have something for you!  You may advertise here, free of charge, your promotional specials. After all, local shoppers need to be connected to you as well.  Businesses may connect with Community WebLine by clicking here


In using the Stratford Buy and Sell site, buyers and sellers are reminded that any business arrangements made on the Facebook site is between individual contracting parties and the usual rules of "buyer beware" needs to be exercised. As publisher of this site, we make no warranties or guarantees for any products, or services advertised on Facebook, and advise site users that the company accepts no liability for any harm that may occur. By asking to be part of the Facebook group, you are acknowledging you have read this notice and are waiving all rights whatsoever to recover any form of loss against the publisher.

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